June 6th, 2024

NDP tables bill to hold municipal councilors accountable for workplace harassment

QUEEN’S PARK – The Ontario NDP announced legislation that would provide tools to hold municipal councilors and board members accountable for workplace harassment and misconduct.

“Everyone deserves to feel safe at work,” said Marit Stiles, Leader of the Ontario NDP. “Women especially are too often the target of harassment or misconduct, and this bill would provide the tools people need to hold the perpetrators of misconduct to account. This is a rare issue that all parties agree on and I’m confident that we can get this done”.

“We need to ensure that elected municipal representatives cannot get away with harassment and violence towards women in the workplace,” said Jeff Burch (Niagara Centre), NDP critic for Municipal Affairs. “All parties agree that a bill like this is critically important to pass. It’s a truly non-partisan issue and I know we can work together to finally pass this into law and address workplace harassment.”

MPP Burch tabled Bill 207, Municipal Accountability and Integrity Act, 2024 on June 5, 2024.


Emily McIntosh Founder of Women of Ontario Say No

"Women are disproportionately affected, but this advocacy is about every single Ontarian. There is so much in the world that is unjust but this is something tangible that we can and must change. The Women of Ontario know that when politics is safe, that is the foundation for the right environment for the best community solutions. This simply cannot wait”.